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Best Living Room Chairs to go with your method?

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1 year 2 weeks ago
02/01/2014 - 6:00pm
Best Living Room Chairs to go with your method?

Wow, I am surprised that this topic and question has not been asked before! Or did I miss it elsewhere?  Esther, you always demonstrate proper sitting using simple, straight back or foldable chairs or office desk chairs.  How about in the living room?  What kind of furniture--eg living room chairs and sofas, ottomans/footstools, recliners, etc, whatever--can we get for our homes/living rooms that would work best with your method?  For example, Ekornes chairs & footstools, Lazy Boy Recliners, etc.  Also, what have you chosen to furnish your home/living room with and why?  Thanks so much for your great work.

Esther Gokhale za obraz
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7 hours 45 min ago
09/10/2008 - 8:36pm

The only chairs that we have in our home are my Gokhale Pain Free chair - its' what we use around the dining table (I replaced an uncomfortable if beautiful antique set) and at every work station throughout the house. When the chair first came out, I gave each of my workers a choice between keeping their current chair (Herman Miller Mirra, Soma Ergonomics, and other esteemed brands - we are, after all, a posture company!) and switching their chair out for one of ours - without exception, each worker switched her chair out - this is when I decided we have a winner. 

We do have a couple of Ethan Allen sofas that I'm not going to parituclarly recommend - we make them work with cushions pls a Stretchsit cushion facing to stetchist against, or by perching on the very front edge. I also have a recliner - I liek recliners even if the shape is not right, because you can add blankets / cushions to make the shape decent (I add just a Stretchsit cushion to mine) and then it's nice to lay back and take the weigth off your discs for a spell. Oh yes, I do have a coupe of antique Chinese wooden benches I liek for stacksitting. For floor sitting, I have some zafus and tiny wooden stools that work for me (I grew up in India and have pretty flexible hips). 


Obraz użytkownika Tonyconguero
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10 months 3 days ago
09/18/2016 - 11:06pm

Hi Esther, you said you only have Gokhale Pain free chairs at home . But what about your lounge room ? Do you watch movies on your Gokhale chair ?! 


How about the chairs in the picture I have attached ? Are they good ? Would you get them at home (instead of the Gokhale Chair) to watch movies (sitting on them for 2+ hours ) ?



obraz Abeja Judy Hummel
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6 hours 27 min ago
06/12/2012 - 12:49pm

Hi Tony,

As Esther mentions, she does have a few couches in her living room and that recliners, too, can be made ergonomic.   There is such a variety out there, it would take a lot to go through them all.  As you familiarize yourself with the method, and hopefully take a class with an instructor, you will be able to analyze furniture yourself before buying!

  As for the chairs you show, they aren't terrible, but could be improved .  You want your behind to be level or slightly angling down in the front, but that chair looks like it angles down in the back a little (though it's hard to tell from the picture).  Also, there is no extra space for your behind to be behind you.  If I wanted to lean back in that chair, I might add a small folded towel in the back to make the seat level, and then fold a blanket that hangs over the backrest, effectively bringing your upper body forward and making room for your bottom to be behind you.  If you can add a stretchsit cushion or other thing to stretch on, it's an added bonus!  If you look at this video:

https://youtu.be/y1bJMlseX8U, she demonstrates stretchsitting with a cushion on a chare that is about the same shape as yours (at about 4 minutes into the video).

I hope that helps.

Abeja Hummel

Gokhale Method Instructor

Boonville, CA

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