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Zdjęcie Ofermend
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3 weeks 5 days ago
09/09/2018 - 9:40pm

Hi there,

Sitting in an airplane for 10-12 hours in an international flight has always been a terrible experience, and I'm sure it's very unhealthy for our posture. Can you recommend any best practices on how to best deal with long airplane rides?


obraz Abeja Judy Hummel
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14 min 14 sec ago
06/12/2012 - 12:49pm

Such a good question. Airplane seats are almost as bad as car seats! Let's up the ante on this.  Instead of "how do we DEAL with long flights" how about "how can we make that time that really good for our posture?"  Since you can't go anywhere else, what a great time to focus a little on stretchsitting and even add in some seated hip hinges and neck stretches and seated inner corset work periodically to keep your spine long and your body active.

If you bring your stretchsit cushion, fabulous.  If you don't, use a jacket or sweater to fill in the C shape of the seat and give you something to hook onto.  My experience is that plane seats don't "bucket" much, so you probably won't need to fill in the bottom of the seat, just the back.  Esther has a short blog here about plane flights: https://gokhalemethod.com/blog/56595. 

Assuming you've taken the Gokhale Method Foundations Course, you can review stretchsitting, stacksitting, the inner corset, and even some of the neck stretches while inflight.  You can download the book on your device so it's there with you.  Then, with your spine long and happy, settle into your movie or sudoku--or even a nap.  To sleep, stretchsit on your reclined seat, add neck length, then support your head as best you can with a rolled up sweater or pillow. 

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2 days 21 hours ago
01/19/2019 - 10:39am


What specifically can be done for legs?   IF someone has a tendency to swelling legs after long sitting. I heard about getting up and walking but if you sit in the middle seat and are shy to disturb the neighbor often=?

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